An artist from an early age, Cristian has been inventively experimenting with different media throughout his career. During the last few years, while dedicating his life and soul to shamanism and energy healing, he developed a new method of incorporating diverse materials into his artwork... especially glass and crystals. Cristian uses these elements to create what he calls "the Energy Grid", combining them to form artworks that are lively, colorful and often reflective. The artist's ultimate intention is to compose his multidimensional, collage-like mosaics as you would a magic potion. He uses a diverse array of minerals, glass, stones and mirrors to cast his artistic spell. Through this expressive materiality, Cristian wants to engage the viewer in a visual dance, both of the eyes and of the soul. As the artist lays down the energy for each piece, his awareness is heightened by the sounds of the Icaro music of Peru, Tibetan chants, and binaural beats. Further inspirations come fluidly to Cristian as he travels around the world. Especially influential is the practice of the plant medicine in the sacred valley of Peru. The artist has participated in many ceremonies dedicated to Pachamama... "La Madrecita" (Mother Earth). Ayahuasca has been key to opening portals that guide the creative process and infuse the mind with new thoughts. These soul sparks are being applied today in the artwork. Cristian Jose Eterovic currently works at his studio in Miami, Florida.