I hold the natural materials and I listen. I lay them down to see the colors and textures that delight my soul and engage my senses. There is a communication that goes unspoken. Possessing an energy of their own, the gems, crystals, glass and stones that I pick have a story. As I channel, the mysteries unfold and the pieces find their place creating the initial grid or layout. Magically, the colors and textures begin to create an energy of their own. In faith I voyage through my intuition looking out for signs to guide me. I joyfully embark on another journey that I hopefully haven’t yet had and from which I will hopefully learn.

Initially I surrender and start manifesting an intention for the new piece of artwork. With many ideas running through my mind, I start a process of integrating the elements at hand. From the energetic bits and pieces collected from around the world that are neatly stocked in my studio, I begin to create. An image will usually manifest as I allow the Universe to guide me on this voyage. I take special delight in listening to Icaros from Peru, drumming from the native American Indians, Mantras and instruments like the Hang Drum as well as other beautiful sounds from around the world. Allowing music to permeate my body and soul begins creating a powerful connection.

The empowering healing energy from the gems, crystals and stones collides with the artwork. As I tune into the Earth, I allow its heartbeat to guide me. Like balance of the Auras Arborealis at the poles, I ask for harmony and rhythm in color to steer my palette. And in utmost gratitude I thank the Universe and spiritual guides every day in allowing me to nurture my artistic fire. My biggest hope is that others will kindly receive my work with the same gratitude that I surrendered to it.

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Tierra Santa, Faena Hotel Miami Beach (2019)

On view now: 3rd Floor Tierra Santa

Ping Pong, Art Basel Miami (2018)

Ninoska Huerta Gallery, Coral Gables (2018)

Accorsi Arte Art Show, Venezia Architettura Biennale (2018)