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Glaciers and Renewal

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

What could speak more loudly to death and rebirth than the still standing Glaciers that undergo a yearly process of letting go and taking on ice again. In what is now summer in the south of Argentina I got to witness the glorious time when the glaciers break off the main mass of ice and float away in a vast blue water called lago Argentino.

It was an extraordinary gift to take and behold! What nature does naturally by pulling and pushing never getting stuck and always moving forward. We need to let go and open space once again to be able to expand and contract so that our lives can be more fluid like that of a living glacier. It was truly a beautiful lesson in the act of self renewal and endurance.

As an artist I was in awe of the beauty and the lessons that lay in front of us as we navigated this magical lake with views so breathtaking that little could be said to do it justice. I want to wish everyone a year full of wonderment and fluidity. Shed the old and bring on the new and let the Universe guide you. May 2020 be abundant with all that you want it to be and more!!

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